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6 Steps for an Effortless Demolition Cleanup

Whether you are the ultimate DIY-er, or you have had the unfortunate experience of a flood or fire in your home, the cleanup is always bigger and longer than anticipated.

The home renovation television shows never portray the entire story: the mounds of scraps, uncountable trips to the landfill in your vehicle, and in the case of an emergency the waterlogged rubble that weighs more than you can imagine. Planning well for your demolition cleanup and removal is half the battle. Here is how to get the job done without getting in over your head.

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Commercial Cleanup Services for all your Calgary Demo Needs

Are you wondering why you might need a commercial cleanup service to help you with your waste removal? All too often home and business owners take this project on themselves to try to save a couple of bucks, but typically, they end up frustrated, exhausted, and in over their heads in a hurry. Here are the top reasons people chose to use a professional demolition team:

  • Safety: First and foremost, safety is the most important reason to use a professional. Injuries could occur while moving heavy and awkward objects, or broken and dilapidated pieces of your project. An experienced company that specializes in safe, effective restoration services can ensure that demolition materials are removed properly, minimizing the risk to everyone on site.
  • Waste Management: Some demolition materials need proper PPE, and need to be disposed of in a specific way; Not everything can be thrown into your landfill. Save yourself from future headaches by leaving the planning to the pros.
  • Timeline: More often than not, homeowners underestimate the time it takes to properly remove all waste and clean up the site after an act of God incident or a renovation demolition. Not only do the large items need to be properly removed, but smaller hazards like nails, glass shards, and electrical wiring need to be disposed of too. Don’t let your project timelines fall to the wayside due to improper planning, and not enough hands on deck.

6 Steps to a Smooth Cleanup Execution

When life happens our team can help restore your home or business to its former glory. Whether it’s mounds of post-renovation waste, or an unfortunate incident we will take your project from chaos to calm using these six steps to get rid of the waste:

  1. Inspect The Site: There are many different methods and ways to clear out the clutter. Before your experienced Calgary demolition team can make a move, a site inspection is an important first step.
  2. Make a Plan: Contrary to popular belief, removing the rubble takes a lot more foresight than just ‘get in and go’. There are often multiple steps, moving parts (literally and figuratively), and sets of hands that need to be coordinated for smooth site cleanup.
  3. Coordination: Depending on the job, coordination with other trades, contractors, and engineers may be necessary.
  4. Dust Protection: During the process our team will be kicking up some dust. We help protect other parts of the building and your neighbours by completing a thorough plan before ever breaking ground.
  5. Disposal: Before hauling anything away our professional commercial cleanup crew will ensure that all waste is properly sorted before removal to ensure a smooth process, tight timelines, and no extra disposal fees.
  6. Transportation: Our team will use the proper equipment to safely and efficiently transport all garbage to its proper location. We can safely remove and dispose of general construction waste, biohazardous waste, and everything in between.

If you want your demolition cleanup in Calgary to go off without a hitch, be sure to reach out to our expert team at 24/7 Restoration. We are your commercial and residential cleanup professionals.

Your Calgary Demolition Cleaning Experts

Trust the demolition experts at 24/7 Restoration to get the job done right for you, every time. Our demolition technicians are properly trained, certified, and insured before ever stepping onto your job site. Our years of experience ensure we will minimize the mess and the disruptions to your project delivering an efficient and thorough professional commercial cleanup. Be sure to check out our reviews and contact our team for an estimate today.


Q: What is restoration cleanup?
A: Restoration services can be provided directly after a disaster, water or fire damage, sewage backup contaminated cleanup, or for commercial and residential construction cleanup.

Q: Why use a restoration cleaning service?
A: Depending on the type of damage that has occurred there are often messes that are not necessarily obvious. This damage could include water damage, some types of mould, and asbestos and these need proper remediation. When cleaning a construction site there can often be unforeseen hazards such as broken glass, crumbling structures, and electrical wiring and plumbing waste that needs to be properly demolished, sorted, and disposed of. Bringing in restoration experts ensures that the mess is dealt with correctly from start to finish.

Q: How do you safely demolish and dispose of concrete?
A: Concrete demolition involves a few steps:

  1. Always contact Alberta One Call to locate utilities before beginning any concrete removal. Safety first!
  2. Before beginning demolition, be sure to have a proper waste disposal plan. Concrete is heavy and can crumble further while being lifted. This can cause injury.
  3. Anything under 3 inches could possibly be broken up without power tools. Anything over will most likely need a jackhammer. If your concrete is thick or reinforced we recommend using a professional.
  4. The type of reinforcement material used in the concrete will determine the tools necessary to cut it. If it has rebar it is recommended to bring in an expert to cut and remove safely.
  5. Use a tool to dig under the slab, where possible, to lift the concrete making it much easier to break from the surface.
  6. Be sure to protect any nearby areas that may be damaged from flying concrete.
  7. Always use PPE to protect your hands and face.
  8. Move concrete in chunks into a wheelbarrow. Be sure to use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

With any demolition project, be sure to connect with the pros who can get the job done safely and efficiently. Keep 24/7 Restoration in mind for an expert concrete cleanup and disposal in Calgary and area.

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