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After The Flood: Can I Clean It Up Myself?

After The Flood: Can I Clean It Up Myself?

As spring approaches, flood season in Calgary is upon us. Whether your home floods due to rain, river water, or melting snow, water damage can range from mild to severe. Attempting to clean up your home after a flood sounds like a good idea, but it can have many pitfalls. It may seem that the do-it-yourself option is most affordable, but this strategy can actually leave you with greater expenses and future repercussions. Attempting a DIY cleanup is often more work and more money for a final product that pales in comparison to the work done by professionals, and here’s why.

Limitations To DIY Cleanup

Flood damage cleanup requires specialized equipment. Even if you have a wet dry vacuum to help get rid of the water, flood water can contain microbes and bacteria in it that can be dangerous to your health. This is particularly true if your flood water has any sewage water contamination, although any flood water, in general, can contain hazardous materials. Because of this, safety gear must be worn and the right equipment must be used to handle the water. To buy or rent this specialty equipment is often not very economical and may require knowledge or even training for proper use. The equipment may also be very large or heavy and awkward to handle without a team.

Incorrect Cleaning
If water damage is not cleaned up properly, it can cause future damage in the home. Water in the carpet, drywall, upholstery, or any other area where there is organic matter can cause mold. This mold often develops if not enough of the damaged materials have been removed or if materials are not properly dried, and once the mold develops it can spread and cause further damage. Even if it seems you have cleaned everything up, that doesn’t mean mold won’t grow in the near future. Because flood water can be contaminated, it can also cause health issues if the materials are not disinfected and bacteria continues to grow.

When flood damage cleanup is conducted by professionals, it is easy to know what expenses may be covered by insurance and what will not. Often, restoration companies are very familiar with insurance claims and can work with your insurance company to process your claim quickly and effectively. If for any reason there is an accident when a restoration company is in charge, it is covered by their insurance. When you attempt to clean your own home yourself after a flood, you may have to forfeit the ability to make future insurance claims for house damages. If there are any issues with the cleanup that result in mold, destruction of the home or furniture, damage to equipment, or other incidents, these may not qualify for insurance claims.

Have Flood Damage Cleanup Conducted by Calgary Professionals

If your home has flooded, hiring professional restoration experts will ensure proper and thorough cleanup. When water damage cleanup is conducted by experts, it often saves you time and money. At 24/7 Restoration, we ensure that your home is restored to pre-incident conditions and that your home is once again a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. If you suffer flood damage or water damage in your home, call 24/7 Restoration any time, day or night, at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form with any questions you have.


Q: How quickly can mold start to grow if the water is not properly removed?
A: Mold can start growing within 72 hours of exposure to moisture. 

Q: Does 24/7 Restoration charge for estimates?
A: Our estimates are 100% free and we are committed to being super responsive when flooding occurs in your home or business.

Q: Is it safe to walk through a flooded basement?
A: Never walk through a flooded basement unless the electricity has been turned off in your home. The risk of electrocution is incredibly high. Even if the electricity is turned off, walking through a flooded basement is not safe as the water may be contaminated, and there may be objects in the water that can cause bodily harm.

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