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Burst Pipes? What You Need To Do

Burst Pipes? What You Need To Do

Burst pipes are most commonly caused by freezing, although they can also be caused by tree root encroachment, corrosion, high water pressure, soil shift, or clogs. No matter the reason, when a pipe bursts you’ll want to take immediate action to limit flood damage and avoid mold. If you have experienced burst pipes and subsequent flooding, make sure to have your home checked by a professional to guarantee that it’s completely dry, as any residual moisture in the flooring or walls can easily develop mold. To protect your home from further damages, here is what you need to do when a pipe bursts.

What To Do When A Pipe Bursts

Shut Off The Water. Pipes don’t always burst where the ice forms, they instead split where the pipe is weakest. When a section of the pipe freezes, the water is still flowing but has nowhere to go, and that pressure can lead to the pipe breaking where the water pressure is still strong. Shut your water off as soon as your pipe bursts to stop the water at the site of the damage and to save yourself from other potential pipe bursts.

Open A Faucet. Keeping a faucet open will help to distribute any remaining water pressure in the pipe. You can try to gently heat the pipe with a blow dryer or heater in an effort to give the water somewhere to flow.

Get Rid Of The Water. Try to mop up or shop vacuum up what water you can to stop it from spreading and to reduce your chances of getting mold damage. Only do this if it is not grey or black water that has waste or bacteria in it.

Turn Up The Heat. If your burst pipe is from freezing, you may be at risk of having other burst pipes. To stop other pipes from freezing, turn up the heat of the house, keep the garage door closed, open the doors to rooms that often sit shut, and hold a hairdryer to pipes that are at a high risk of freezing.

Open Doors Inside The House. If you have any exposed pipes, make sure the warm air of the house is getting to them by facilitating airflow by keeping inside doors open.

Place Rubber Over The Leak. Wrap the cracked pipe in rubber and fasten with a C-clamp if possible. You can add a piece of wood over the rubber piece before fastening the clamp to help spread pressure and prevent the pipe from collapsing.

Call A Restoration Service. Call a restoration company as soon as possible to keep flood damage to a minimum and have a quick and complete cleanup. If the pipe that burst was white water or clear and clean water, there is little risk cleaning up what you can, but a restoration expert can ensure that other surfaces like flooring, drywall, carpet, etc are completely dried or replaced if necessary.  If the pipes that have frozen and burst are connected to the septic system, do not attempt to clean the flood yourself. The water in septic systems is full of dangerous bacteria and viruses and needs to be cleaned up by professionals.

Call 24/7 Restoration For Calgary Flood Damage Cleanup

If you have had a pipe burst, make sure to call a restoration service as soon as possible to clean up any existing water damage and to reduce the chance of suffering further flooding and mold damage. Flooding can destroy the flooring, drywall, ceiling, furniture, and foundation as well. For a comprehensive cleanup and to assess the extent of the flood damage, call your Calgary cleanup professionals at 24/7 Restoration at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form. When you call the 24/7 emergency line, you will be connected with a team member who will immediately begin resolving your issue. Our team will then work tirelessly to get your home back to pre-loss conditions.


Q: What do your flood damage restoration services include?
A: Our flood damage services include:

  • Water extraction and removal
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Humidity and airflow control
  • Structure Reconstruction and Restoration
  • Mold Remediation/Removal

Q: How quickly can mold start to grow if the water is not properly removed?
A: Mold can start growing within 72 hours of exposure to moisture. 

Q: Does 24/7 Restoration charge for estimates?
A: Our estimates are 100% free and we are committed to being super responsive when flooding occurs in your home or business.

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