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Dealing with Flood Damage

As many Albertans remember flood damage can be catastrophic. Not only can flood waters wash away homes and buildings, but the residual water can cause immense problems for years to come. Not only can your walls, possessions and flooring be damaged, but water can damage your foundation as well, compromising the integrity of the entire structure. If your home or business is impacted by a flood call 24/7 Restoration today, and use these handy tips to help mitigate damage as soon as possible:

Remove as much water as you can

If you can, stop the flow of water. This can be done by taping a garbage bag around a burst pipe using duct tape or plugging the underside of a door with cloth, plastic and duct tape. The less water damage there is the better. If you can, move as many items as you can to other rooms, higher floors, or another location. However, if you are in danger at any point vacate the premises immediately and go to a safe location

Stop the flow of electricity

Everyone knows that water and electricity are a dangerous combination. To keep your family and neighbours safe turn off the electricity in your home, and unplug any and all electronics. Remove any electronic items from the house that you can and take them somewhere dry. Once they are dried out you may be able to salvage them. You will definitely want them unplugged and out of the way should the water rise to the level of your electrical outlets.

Wait for the experts

Once the experts from 24/7 Restoration arrive they will take over the cleanup process. From removing damaged materials to drying out the structure and assessing the damage, 24/7 Restoration has you covered. They will even haul away any damaged items or materials, so you know they will be properly disposed of.

If a flood has impacted  your Alberta home or business, call our trained flood cleanup team at 24/7 Restoration today at 403.247.4365. We offer service all over southern Alberta, including Calgary, Cochrane, High River, Chestermere and Okotoks. Visit for more information.

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