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Deck Demolition 101: A Step By Step Guide

Deck Demolition 101: A Step By Step Guide

As summer approaches and you want to spend more time outside, you might be looking at your deck with disappointment. Years of being exposed to the elements can lead to rot, mold, damage to the wood, loose railings, rusted screws, and more. An old deck can do more than ruin the look of your summertime BBQ nights, it can also be dangerous. An old deck can lead to splinters, tripping over uneven planks, scratches on rusty screws, or even falls if the railing isn’t sturdy. If it’s time to replace your deck, you’ll first need to demolish your old one. Here is how to DIY a deck demolition.

8 Steps For Deck Demolition

1. Prepare Your Deck For Demolition
Before you can tear down your deck, make sure it’s cleared of all objects. Remove any patio furniture and place it far away, as you don’t want dirt or debris on it and you don’t want furniture or other objects in the way. It’s best to temporarily store your patio furniture and other outdoor possessions elsewhere during demolition to eliminate tripping hazards.

2. Take Off The Railings
Start at one end of your deck and work your way to the other. You’ll want to remove the top railing first, and then the balusters, followed by the bottom rails. You may need to reverse the screws using a power drill or you can use a crowbar if the handrails are nailed together.

3. Remove The Deck Boards
You will need to remove the boards one by one by pulling them up with a pry bar and claw hammer. Make sure you collect any nails or screws as you go to avoid potential injury. If your deck has steps, remove those in the same fashion.

4. Cut The Frame
Use a reciprocating saw to cut the frame of the deck away from the house. The weight of the deck should help it pull away from the home. You’ll want to remove any main framing boards left on the house.

5. Remove The Floor Joists
Hit the ends of the floor joists with a sledgehammer or cut them with a reciprocating saw. You want to sever the floor joists from the hangers.

6. Pry The Hanger Boards
Use a crowbar to pry the hanger boards away from the foundation and break them off using a sledgehammer.

7. Dig Out Supports
The concrete footings of the deck will be embedded in the ground. Dig around these and pull the supports back and forth until they come out of the ground. These will be heavy and may require assistance to remove and transport.

8. Clear Away The Rubble
As you demolish your deck, there will be lots of debris and materials that need to be removed. Hiring a cleanup crew can help you to get rid of all the old materials, including those dangerous rusty nails and screws that might have fallen into the grass. A cleanup crew can also help you remove heavy materials such as the foundation posts, which can be difficult and dangerous to move on your own.

Deck Demolition Cleanup In Calgary

If you’re ready to demolish your deck, have a cleanup crew lined up and ready to take away all of the old materials. 24/7 Restoration can make sure your deck demolition leaves no debris and that all materials are hauled away so you have the space to start rebuilding a beautiful new deck. If you want your deck demolished but don’t want to take this laborious task on yourself, 24/7 Restoration also offers deck demolition. For expert demolition services or cleanup after a DIY demolition, contact 24/7 Restoration at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: How much does a demolition cleanup estimate cost?
A: At 24/7 Restoration, we offer FREE ESTIMATES for demolition and renovation cleanup.

Q: How can I save items when I have a cleanup crew throwing things out?
A: If you wish to save any items from the demolition, tell the 24/7 Restoration cleanup crew and we will not take them to the dump. Our team’s main focus is working with you to make your demolition or renovation as stress-free and simple as possible, so discuss your cleanup needs with us and we will be happy to make accommodations.

Q: I have deck lighting in my current deck, can 24/7 Restoration dispose of electrical components during demolition cleanup?
A: Yes, 24/7 Restoration Calgary demolition and cleanup services can dispose of many materials including wood, old plumbing, flooring, concrete, electrical, and more.

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