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Downtown Demolition in Calgary

Overview: Implosions and bulldozers are visuals we think of when a building needs to be demolished. However, it’s actually not that simple and as the City of Calgary prepares to demolish a building in Eau Claire the conversation has once again turned to the concerns about hazardous materials. Read the blog below for more information.

Let’s face it… demolition is cool! Even with home renovations, most of the fun occurs when swinging a sledgehammer and breaking walls, but the clean up can be a drag. You would think that the bigger the building, the greater the fun? Well, that is not entirely true, especially when the building contains asbestos. That happens to be the case for an Eau Claire tower that was sold to a condo developer in 2006. The demolition of the apartment complex that was built in 1972 will be completed in two phases. The first phase will focus on the removal of the asbestos and other hazardous materials that were commonly used in buildings built before the late 1980’s. The second phase will be the actual tear down of the building.

One of the conditions in the sale of the building was that the developer would obtain the property as an empty plot. The proceeds of the sale will go towards affordable housing in Calgary, but all the numbers are based on the market of 2006. The rise in costs of demolition will surely eat away at the proceeds promised to the affordable housing program. The sale that was completed almost 10 years ago has caused controversy and two city appraisal experts believe that the building should be considered as a functioning facility, which would increase the value of the property. However, other appraisers believe the sale is fair, because the building has been vacant for several years. The ongoing debate over the sale of the property and loss of funding for the affordable housing program has stalled the timeline for the demolition.

As unfortunate as the loss of money for a worthy program is, the safety of the public and contractors hired to demolish the building are a top priority. The dangers of asbestos fibres are well documented. Asbestos absorbed by the body has negative effects that can cause respiratory problems and long exposures can even lead to major medical issues, like cancer. If a demolition project of this size is not handled properly, there is an increased chance of asbestos fibres breaking free into an area that is heavily populated.

The Bottom Line: When dealing with hazardous materials like asbestos, it doesn’t matter if a small home is being demolished or if an apartment complex needs to come down, safety is always of the utmost importance. The asbestos removal contractors at 24/7 Restoration are all too familiar with the dangers of asbestos and always urge property owners to consult with them before moving forward with demolition. The team at 24/7 Restoration has the experience and in depth training to remove any hazardous material and safely dispose of it.

For more information on asbestos abatement or demolition of any size, contact 24/7 Restoration in Calgary on (403) 247-4365.

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