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Fire Damage Clean Up in Calgary

Fire, there’s nothing like it. Whether we’re using it to grill or just enjoying it at a campsite, controlling fire has been one of the greatest tools mankind has utilized. But even the smallest fire can cause major damage to your home or property. Restoring your home and cleaning it up after a fire is NOT a “do it yourself” project – you need to call the professionals at 24/7 Restoration.

In the last six months there have been two major fires in Calgary that resulted in serious damage. In the city’s core, an underground utility vault caught fire and cut off electrical power to approximately 1900 people. The fire damage required the city to repair roughly 3.5 kilometers of electrical cable. Several businesses and residential towers were without power for 5 days.

A second fire completely destroyed a condo complex that was under construction in Mission, not too far from the Saddledome. Firefighters suspect that an exploding propane tank was the cause of the blaze. The damage was so extensive that officials have decided that the building needs to be demolished. It’s unfortunate that the building could not be saved; however, safety is always the number one priority for workers and the general public.

As we mentioned earlier, even the smallest fire can cause major damage to your home or property. You can take preventative measures in your home by using fire alarms. But accidents can still happen. Fire and smoke damage can weaken the structural integrity of your home or business. In addition to fire damage, the water used to put out a blaze adds to the mess. Ultimately, fires are a big mess and require big time professionals to cleanup and restore your home. If your home is completely gutted by fire, the contractors at 24/7 Restoration will safely demolition the home and meticulously clean up the lot.

If fire or floods have damaged your home, call the contractors at 24/7 Restoration in Calgary today on (403) 247-4365

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