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Keeping Mold at Bay

Moisture-Air-Food, individually they are harmless. In combination, those three elements can make you sick and even break down a house! Mold growth flourishes when there is ample moisture, air and food. It only makes sense that if you can control and monitor these factors, you won’t require contractors to remove mold from your home or worse, demolish it. Continue reading this week’s blog on how to keep mold from developing in the first place. 


Floods & Leaks

Here at 24/7 Restoration we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to clean up any leaks or flood that occurs at your home. You need to properly clean up the water and completely dry the affected area. Wet carpets are a notorious spot where mold can begin to grow at an accelerated rate. 


Air Systems

Mold is an expert in travelling! Mold can set up numerous franchises throughout your home and one of its favourite methods of travelling is via your air systems. Keeping air conditioning units, central air and all ducts clean will stop mold growth in the air systems and from dispersing to various areas of your home. Your air system doesn’t need attention every weekend, having them cleaned and serviced annually will suffice. 


The Basement

It’s mold’s favourite vacation destination. The basement is an area in your home where mold can go to grow and flourish with minimal disturbance. To prevent mold from setting up shop in your basement, keep potential mold food supplies to a minimum. For example, make sure that any stored cardboard boxes are at least a few inches off a concrete floor. This will prevent any moisture that seeps in through the concrete and into the cardboard. 


Removing Mold

If you do spot small amounts of mold growth, clean it immediately and dry the area. You can remove small amounts of mold with commercial products or soap and water. If you suspect mold growth was due to a water leak, make sure you find and fix the leak as well. If mold growth exceeds 1 metre square, it’s already gotten the best of you and you’ll need professionals to remove it. 


Use the tips mentioned in the blog to prevent mold from ever having a chance to wreak havoc in your home. The best preventative measure you can take to protect your home from the damaging effects of mold is to control the three elements mold needs to grow: Moisture, Air and Food. If you have mold growth anywhere in your home or if you suspect it’s flourishing in a remote area, contact us at 24/7 Restoration in Calgary today at (403) 247-4365.

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