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Mold Awareness in Calgary

An article last month about asbestos and mold found in a Calgary hospital has prompted the contractors at 24/7 Restoration to raise the awareness of the dangers of these contaminants. News like this is a reminder of how mold spores and asbestos fibres are dangerous to human health. The presence of mold or asbestos (in this case both) in homes or businesses need to be safely removed and disposed.

A recent article from a Calgary paper has brought to light a few health concerns at the Foothills Hospital, specifically the cafeteria. The cafeteria, which runs 24/7 has been dealing with both a mold and asbestos problem, and at 24/7 Restoration, we call that a double-threat. The subject of asbestos in a hospital is nothing new; in a previous blog we’ve discussed ageing hospitals in Ontario that were built with materials containing asbestos that were nearing demolition. The Foothills Hospital and the ones in Ontario were built well before the 1980’s, when building materials contained asbestos. What’s concerning is if the asbestos fibres have been released into the air. Asbestos can lead to long term health problems and in this case, fibres inhaled by patients at a hospital that have compromised immune systems can have devastating effects.

Unlike asbestos, which was known to exist in the building materials, mold shouldn’t be present at the Foothills cafeteria, it’s as simple as that. For mold to be present at the hospital, it would require the trifecta of optimal growth: Food Source-Moisture-Temperature. Mold is quite ambitious compared to asbestos; there is a finite amount of asbestos fibres within the building materials, whereas mold grows to its heart’s content. Mold growth can not only have negative effects on human health, it also destroys the material it grows on, weakening its structure.

Both mold and asbestos are dangerous contaminants, no matter if it’s in a hospital, business or your home. If you’re planning a renovation in a home that was built before the mid 1980’s, it’s very likely that asbestos is contained within the building materials. If you have mold growth anywhere in your home or business that exceeds 1 square meter, then it's bad news. The Mold has already gotten away from you and it’s time to call the contractors at DAIM.

To find out more about our exceptional removal of asbestos and mold services in Calgary, contact 24/7 Restoration today at (403) 247-4365.

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