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Musty Smell? Your Home Might Have Mold

Does your home have a musty odour that seems to just linger in the air? If the answer is yes, then there is a good chance that mold has taken up residence somewhere in your home. A damp-like smell should put your senses on high-alert, as even the smallest undetected water leak can spell disaster for your home. Mold is resilient and loves to hide and flourish in secret hidden spots where it grows to exponential proportions. Luckily, the decontamination contractors at 24/7 Restoration in Calgary are experts at finding and removing mold, no matter where it’s hiding.

The musty-damp smell is a good indicator of the presence of mold growing in areas you can’t see, like the inside of walls and under carpets. Gasses released from microbial organic compounds produce the musty smell that is associated with mold growth. Ultimately, if you can smell mold, you’re inhaling mold spores. Breathing in mold spores can have negative effects on the body, including trouble breathing, sore throat, headaches and digestive complications. To get rid of the unpleasant odour, you need to get rid of the mold – it’s as simple as that. Lots of people make the mistake of just bleaching an area that has mold growth and masking the smell with air fresheners or scented candles. They fail to realize that mold is resilient and can remain dormant even when it looks like it’s been removed. When the conditions become optimal, mold growth returns with a vengeance.

If you do smell mold in your home, the contractors at 24/7 Restoration can also test for possible growth in other areas. Mold has the uncanny ability to spread to other hidden areas in your home, including the insides of heating ducts and above ceiling tiles. There are mold test kits available on the market, but if there is a musty odour lingering in your home or you suspect that there might be mold growth in a spot that you can’t see, it’s time to call 24/7 Restoration. They will thoroughly examine your home for any mold growth and begin a course of action to remove it safely. They will also rid your house of any lingering unpleasant odours.

There is only one solution for that musty smell: getting to the root of the problem and eliminating mold once and for all. Uncontrolled mold growth can lead to health-related problems and can destroy the surfaces or materials it is growing on, eventually compromising the structural integrity of your home. If you’ve had any kind of water leak or damage, your chances of developing a mold problem are high, especially if your home is not professionally treated. If your home has a musty smell and you can’t spot the mold, contact the team at 24/7 Restoration immediately.

For more information on mold removal in Calgary or if you believe that mold is on the verge of taking over your home, contact 24/7 Restoration today at (403) 247-4365.

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