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Repairing Water Damage in Calgary - How to Stop the Havoc

Spilling a glass of water on your carpet or sofa can transform you into an Olympic athlete, sprinting to retrieve a towel and using all your force to dry up the spill. When it comes to flooding or major water leaks, a towel is not going to do the job – you’re going to need the expertise of the water damage specialists at 24/7 Restoration in Calgary to safely remove and dry your home from water. Here is what we do!

From the moment you call us, we deploy a team of experienced contractors to your home to assess and quickly mobilize equipment to begin the process of removing water from affected areas. We use probes and electronic moisture detectors to look for water that might have accumulated in hard-to-reach and invisible areas of your home. Moisture can get trapped inside walls and under carpets, which are prime environments for mold to flourish, so it’s important to detect this moisture quickly and dry it out. Water removal goes beyond just pumping it out; it’s vital to dry the entire home. 24/7 Restoration uses a variety of equipment for structural drying, including industrial strength dehumidifiers and drying fans.

One of the after-effects of water damage is an unpleasant odour that lingers behind, especially when it comes to carpet and furniture upholstery. We use an anti-microbial solution that is applied to carpets, furniture and other materials to safely rid your home of any odour.

In addition to the damage water can cause to your home, it also can destroy important paperwork and documents. In these cases, 24/7 Restoration uses freeze drying which is a process used to save and restore any paperwork and documents that have been damaged. The documents are first frozen solid to immediately stop any further decay of the paper and then placed in a chamber. A high pressure vacuum is applied to remove any air in the chamber. When the chamber reaches a specific temperature and pressure level, the moisture from the documents turn to vapour, literally pulling the moisture out of the paper into the air and removed.

We’ve all learned lessons from the infamous Calgary flood, that water damage can wreak havoc on your home long after it’s seemingly disappeared. Lingering moisture and pools of water in unseen areas can lead to serious problems like weakening the structural integrity of your home and mold growth. At 24/7 Restoration, our primary goal is to restore your home back to its original form before the water damage, without having to remove or demolish materials. In cases where materials can’t be saved, like portions of drywall, we will safely remove it to maintain the structural integrity of your home.

For more information on mold removal and water damage restoration in Calgary, contact 24/7 Restoration today at (403) 247-4365.

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