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Should I Have Sewage Backup Insurance?

Should I Have Sewage Backup Insurance?

A sewage backup is when sewer water flows back into the home from the main city sewage line. These backups are most common in basements, especially through shower drains. The risk of sewer backups increases when the weather is very rainy and puts stress on the drainage and sewage systems. Calgary in the springtime can have large volumes of rainfall, putting your home at risk for sewage backups during this season. If your house is at the base of a hill, is prone to flooding, or has a finished or furnished basement, you may want to consider sewage backup insurance in case of backup emergencies.

Sewage Backups And Your Home

Sewage Backups And Insurance
Not every insurance provider includes sewage backup insurance on every policy. Many insurance companies will charge extra for sewage backup insurance and this cost is dependent on factors such as the age and location of the home. But is sewage backup insurance worth it? If you have an unfinished basement and you don’t keep valuable items in areas at risk of sewage backups, insurance may not be worth it as cleaning these spaces out may not be too expensive. But if your basement is finished and is furnished, or if you store valuable items in areas where they could be damaged, sewage backup insurance can be beneficial. Replacing flooring, drywall, furniture, and more can quickly become expensive.

Lowering Your Rates
Taking steps to avoid sewage backups can help keep the cost of your insurance down. These steps may require more extensive work done to the pipes, such as upgrading to new plastic pipes or installing a backwater prevention valve. These precautions will not only lower your insurance rates but will also help save your home and possessions from sewage backup damage. Another way to prevent backups is to ensure your pipes are being properly cared for. Avoid flushing wipes, beauty products (cotton pads, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and more), feminine hygiene products, diapers, or even hair down the drain. You can also try to clear your drains using drain snakes to remove hair or items that may be clogging your pipes. Cleaning out your pipes won’t change your insurance rate, but it will help prevent backups.

What To Do During A Sewage Backup
Sewage water is toxic, so make sure you don’t go near it. The water can carry harmful bacteria that can make people ill.  Because of this, you shouldn’t clean up a sewage backup on your own. Instead, shut off the main power to reduce electrical risks and don’t use any plumbing fixtures. Call a plumber to stop the backup and a restoration company to thoroughly clean up the sewer water. If you do have sewage backup insurance, call your insurance provider and submit your claim as soon as you can.

Sewage Backup Cleanup In Calgary

Proper sewage backup cleanup is incredibly important for your health and your home. All of the bacteria, viruses, and microbes in sewage water need to be properly handled by trained professionals with the right safety gear and all contaminated materials need to be thoroughly removed or otherwise treated. If sewage backups are not properly handled, mold can begin to grow and lead to even more damage. If a sewage backup strikes, call the professionals at 24/7 Restoration. Our expert team is trained to clean up, decontaminate, and repair your home safely and effectively. The 24/7 Restoration team is highly experienced in managing, cleaning, and treating dangerous sewage and our services are available all day every day so we are ready to jump into action whenever a sewage backup cleanup is needed. To get professional cleanup and restoration in Calgary, call 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: How quickly can mold start to grow if the water is not properly removed?
A: Mold can start growing within 72 hours of exposure to moisture.

Q: Does 24/7 Restoration charge for estimates?
A: Our estimates are 100% free and we are committed to being super responsive when flooding occurs in your home or business.

Q: What are the first signs of a sewage backup?
A: It is possible to pre-empt a sewage backup. If the pipes or drains in your home or building start to smell foul, a backup could be imminent. You should also prepare for minor backups if your toilet or sink is partially blocked.

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