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Testing for Mould in Your Calgary Home

On most occasions, you’ll know if you have a mold problem. For example, your Calgary home floods and after the clean up, you discover that mold has reached DEFCON 1 level in your basement. In these circumstances, the contractors at 24/7 Restoration don’t have to test for mold; we can just get to work on removing it safely. Unfortunately, mold doesn’t always surface in easy-to-see places; most often, it’s hiding underneath carpets, within walls or in heating ducts. Luckily, the contractors at 24/7 Restoration in Calgary are fully trained in testing for the presence of mold, as well as mold spores and contaminants that are not in plain site.

At 24/7 Restoration we are fully trained and experienced in testing for the presence of mold, and once we find it, no matter where it is in your home, we will remove and dispose of it safely. There are several methods we use to detect mold growth. With years of experience, we are familiar with surfaces where mold flourishes. We will take samples from specific surfaces that can include tiles or carpet, and our contractors will test them for mold growth.

Mold is a formidable opponent in the game of hide-and-seek; however, it can’t help but release spores into the air, where they float around and cause negative effects when breathed in. If mold is hiding, we need to test the air in your home for any contaminants and for mold spores. Since air ducts spread the spores around, we take several samples of air from all areas of your home.

Samples from surface areas and from the air can determine:

  • if there is mold in your home,
  • how much mold is present, and
  • the type of mold.

If tests confirm that mold is hiding in your home, we will successfully find its hideout spot, and then remove it.

When Should You Test for Mold?


Flooding: It’s paradise for mold. No matter what level of water, if your home has been flooded, we recommend that you call us to test for mold growth. Water has an amazing ability to get into areas of your home that you thought were impossible. And of course, it’s in these hard-to-see and -reach areas that mold decides to flourish.


If you notice that an unpleasant or musty smell has begun to linger in your home, it’s a good indicator that mold is growing nearby. Heating ducts can distribute the musty smell around your home, which makes it difficult to pinpoint its location; however, not to worry, we have a wealth of knowledge and instruments that can locate the mold.

Real Estate

If you find mold in one area of your home, let’s say, under the carpet in the living room, then there’s a good chance that mold has spread to another location in your home. Mold spores that are released into the air make it easy to travel and take up other real estate in your home. If you discover mold anywhere in your home, it’s vital to test for and locate other infected areas.

If you have mold growth or need to test for mold in hidden areas in your home, call 24/7 Restoration in Calgary today at (403) 247-4365.  

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