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The Devastating Effect Fire Can Have on Small Businesses

Having your property damaged by fire can be devastating for any small business owner. This week Calgary lost 4 iconic businesses when the Stadium Shopping Centre went up in flames. Though the Hi-Ball Restaurant, the Cat House, Saigon Star and the Billingsgate Seafood Market and Restaurant were all completely destroyed most businesses that experience fire damage are salvageable.

Experienced professionals, like the ones at 24/7 Restoration, are up to the task of handling the extensive repairs required to return your business to its former glory. Once the fire department has cleared the building our team of trained professionals will assess the damage and come up with a plan of action. We will then clean up and restore sites that have soot and fire stains, as well as reconstruct any areas that require it. Once your business has been repaired we will also remove the strong odours associated with smoke and fire extinguishing chemicals and decontaminate any areas that may have been exposed to potential contaminants.

24/7 Restoration also offers full demolition services, allowing us to safely demolish and remove any areas of the structure that need to be rebuilt. This saves you time and money because you do not need to hire a separate company for the demolition and yet another one for the waste removal.

Our team of experts is fully scalable, so you get enough people for the task at hand. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. We are fully insured and offer consistent service that is honest and effective. We also operate using a comprehensive safety manual and have strict policies and procedures in place in order to help you find the best and safest solution for your needs.

If your business has been damaged by smoke or fire call 24/7 Restoration today at 403.247.4365 and visit for more information.

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