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The Effects Of Smoke Damage On Electronics

The Effects Of Smoke Damage On Electronics

After the fire has been put out, the damage isn’t always done. Although fire only damages items while it’s burning, smoke can continue to negatively affect and degrade items, including walls, furniture, appliances, and even electronics. Smoke damage can range in its severity and there can be different forms of smoke damage depending on the type of fire and the fuel source, but all forms have the potential to further destroy items. If your home or business has had a fire and it appears the electronics nearby the blaze are undamaged, they likely have some form of smoke damage and need to be handled carefully. Here are some ways smoke damage can impact electronics and why you should leave them for restoration experts to assess.

Smoke Damage And Electronics

Acidity And Corrosion
Did you know smoke is acidic? Smoke and soot contain a variety of chemicals and particles that are acidic and corrosive and the longer smoke is in contact with an item, the more damage it can do. Although larger structural materials, such as metal support beams, are strong enough to withstand this acidity without much effect, smaller, more delicate metals and materials can become damaged. Wires, cables, sheet metal, computer circuits, and sometimes even pipe work can all incur smoke damage that continues to corrode them long after the fire is put out.

Electronic Interference
Because smoke contains components that conduct electricity, when there is a deposit of smoke or soot on circuits, it can interfere with the transfer of energy within your electronics. This can lead to malfunctions within your electronic devices and it can cause a complete short circuit and device failures. Smoke can also interfere with devices that source, detect, and control light (known as optoelectronics) by absorbing or scattering light.

Environmental Factors
Smoke damage is most severe under two conditions: heat and humidity. When there is heat, for example the fire that created the smoke in the first place, it causes expansion that opens the pores of materials and allows soot to get deep into those materials. Dampness also affects how soot and smoke behave, as exposure to water or high humidity can increase the acidic effects of smoke and lead to even more severe damage. With electronics, if water is added to the equation, the device will likely already suffer damage, as the water will cause the electronics to short circuit. But even if the device stays dry, the smoke damage can worsen if the humidity in the air increases. But if there is a fire, why would there be any risk of water or humidity? When putting out fires, especially large ones or fires that are not caused by grease, water is often used to douse the source of flames. The water used to put out the fire may increase the acidity of the smoke even if it does not come into contact with your electronic device.

When smoke and soot settle either on an electronic device or inside of the device, it creates a dark film that adds insulation. Because smoke can have a slight magnetic charge, this, combined with the insulating layer of soot, can lead to electronic devices overheating and short-circuiting.

Just because electronics have been exposed to smoke doesn’t mean they are a lost cause. Quick action and restoration techniques can save your expensive and important electronics. By removing power supplies, reducing the amount of environmental change the electronics are exposed to, and removing contaminants from the area, the corrosive nature of smoke will be slowed and your electronics may be able to be restored. Don’t turn electronics on after a fire as they may be damaged and turning them on can cause immediate failures and further damage. If you want to clean your device of soot in the hopes of reducing smoke damage, wipe off the smoke residue with a dry cloth.

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

If you’ve had a fire in your home or business, a restoration company can help you minimize the effects of smoke damage. Not only can a restoration company help to reduce smoke damage to your electronics, but they can also help to reduce smoke damage to any furniture, flooring, walls, metal, and more. Contract a smoke damage restoration specialist as soon as possible to combat the corrosive nature of smoke and protect your possessions from further damage. For fire and smoke damage restoration, contact 24/7 Restoration in Calgary. We will provide guidance and support to you throughout this challenging journey while providing you with quality, stress-free restoration solutions that work for you and your unique restoration needs. To get fire and smoke damage restoration, call 24/7 Restoration at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: The Fire Department has come and put the fire out, but now there is water in my building. Will this be cleaned up?
A: Water damage resulting from a fire is very common, and 24/7 Restoration will employ all of our expertise in water damage mitigation and structural drying in our restoration strategy for your fire loss. It is our job to ensure that you don’t have mold growth from this event.

Q: What should I do after a fire in my home?
A: If you have had a fire in your home (assuming the fire has been put out safely and it is time to deal with the next steps) it is recommended that you contact your home insurance provider to make a claim. Once your home is safe and secure, contact 24/7 Restoration in Calgary to get started on your fire and smoke cleanup.

Q: Is it safe to be in a building after the fire has been extinguished?
A: No, it is typically not. Even if the fire is fairly small, there can still be smoke particles and other pollutants in the air that you shouldn’t be inhaling and that may be irritating to your eyes, lungs, and skin. Read Is It Safe To Stay In My House If It Has Smoke Damage? for more information.

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