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The Guide On Hiring an Asbestos Abatement Company

The Guide On Hiring an Asbestos Abatement Company

If you are living or working in an older building, particularly one built before the 1980s, the building may contain asbestos. Because asbestos is not dangerous when the particles are undisturbed, you may be able to continue living and working safely within the building. But if the building is going to undergo renovations or demolitions, you will need to have an asbestos abatement team check for asbestos and safely handle any asbestos that may be present. If you are in need of an asbestos abatement team, ensure you are hiring qualified professionals who are trained for the proper handling of asbestos. If you are going to hire an asbestos abatement company, ensure that you ask them about these four important factors before you hire them.

What To Look For When Hiring An Asbestos Abatement

  1. Ensure They Are Reputable
    Asbestos is a very dangerous substance that needs to be handled and disposed of properly. Not just anyone is allowed to remove asbestos. When you hire an asbestos abatement company, they need to be trained to safely handle asbestos and they need to wear the proper safety gear. You can ask the asbestos abatement company for any qualifications or previous experience handling and disposing of asbestos. You can check their reviews or ask for references to ensure they are reputable and do good work.
  2. Check Their Credentials
    In Alberta, any worker who enters an asbestos restricted area must successfully complete government-approved asbestos training and be in possession of a valid asbestos worker certificate in accordance with Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Code. If the workers or the company do not have any documentation specifying their completed training, they are likely not qualified to handle asbestos.
  3. Ask If They Do Testing
    Most asbestos abatement companies will offer asbestos testing, typically through a partner at a lab. If you are unsure if your property has asbestos, it is always best to check instead of risking your health. Asbestos testing is also very important after removal has occurred, as the building needs to be checked for asbestos to ensure everything has been removed and the building is safe and completely asbestos free.
  4. Enquire About How Asbestos Treatment Will Meet The Alberta Requirements
    Asbestos doesn’t always need to be removed from the premises. Although asbestos is dangerous, it is only a threat when it is removed or if the asbestos particles are otherwise disturbed. In accordance with the Alberta asbestos requirements, sometimes asbestos or asbestos-containing materials can be encapsulated, enclosed, or managed in place instead of needing removal. If you are receiving asbestos abatement out of general risk reduction, ask your asbestos abatement company if the asbestos is being removed or if it is being contained. If the building is undergoing renovations or demolition, the asbestos will likely be removed. To learn more about how asbestos can be safely managed and what you can expect from an asbestos abatement team, read Different Types Of Asbestos Management: Alberta Requirements.

Asbestos Abatement In Calgary

If your home or workplace requires asbestos testing and abatement, call the professionals at 24/7 Restoration. Our asbestos abatement specialists are all trained and certified to safely handle and dispose of asbestos. Our asbestos abatement team takes every precaution to ensure that all asbestos is removed in the most safe and effective manner and we complete any removal and cleaning required while under supervision from an independent third-party institution so you can feel confident about returning to the building once everything has been removed, tested, and deemed safe. To speak with the 24/7 Restoration team about asbestos abatement, call 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: What are the potential health risks associated with having asbestos in my home or building?
A: Asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer are the most common health complications associated with someone who has been exposed to asbestos.  When airborne, an individual is at risk of inhaling asbestos fibres. These fibres build up in the lungs making it difficult to breathe. A low level, one-time exposure will not pose a serious health threat, and asbestos typically does not pose an immediate health threat as it takes years for symptoms to show. While no amount of asbestos exposure is considered safe, you will likely not become ill if you have experienced a brief exposure.

Q: Can I detect asbestos myself?
A: No, asbestos particles are not visible to the human eye and many asbestos-containing materials will not give any indication that there is asbestos in them. The only way to know for sure is through professional asbestos testing. If you suspect there is asbestos in your home or you are about to demolish or renovate your home, call 24/7 Restoration in Calgary to check for asbestos.

Q: What exactly is asbestos?
A: Asbestos is a name for a group of minerals found naturally occurring in the environment that have been harvested and used to make consumer goods. The minerals are:

  • Tremolite
  • Actinolite
  • Amosite
  • Crocidolite
  • Anthophyllite
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