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Third Wave of Asbestos Exposure Could Endanger Those in Calgary

Overview: For many, the danger of asbestos seems like a problem of the past, reserved only for those in demolition fields perhaps. But this is not the case. With DIY and home renovations spiking in popularity, the dangers of asbestos exposure may be closer to home than you thought. In this blog we'll find out more about this “third wave” of exposure and understand more about why asbestos removal is so important.

Asbestos related diseases are something that we commonly see as affecting older workers who worked with the material before its dangers and toxicity were known. But with an increasing number of home owners tackling renovation projects themselves, the chance of accidental asbestos exposure is now more of a risk than ever before.

The Two Waves of Asbestos Exposure

There have been two clear waves of asbestos exposure since the material was first discovered. The first affected the workers who mined and manufactured the material. The second wave then came as asbestos was used, cut and manipulated in the workplace by tradespeople. But now a third wave is threatening home owners in Calgary and across Canada.

Asbestos was a commonplace material used in many homes up until the 1980s, and certain types of asbestos-containing materials such as vermiculite insulation were used until the late 1980s. Because of this, there are still many homes in Calgary that may contain asbestos and finding out whether or not your home is affected is no easy task. Most asbestos materials are hidden within the structures of your home and so are only visible when the covering layers, such as drywall or floorboards, are removed. However, this process often releases particles and once these are inhaled, you are at serious risk of the various life threatening asbestos-related diseases.

How To Avoid The Third Wave of Asbestos

Despite most people understanding that asbestos is a dangerous material, many do not fully appreciate the danger that accidental home exposure can pose. Even though there are plenty of homes that contain asbestos they are perfectly safe unless disturbed. However, problems arise when home owners forget this rule while planning their exciting new renovation and start pulling back floorboards and drilling in their attics without consulting a professional. By the time they discover a suspicious looking material its often too late and sometimes the whole family can be affected.

To avoid this, and to keep you and your family safe, it's essential that you consult a professional before doing work on your own home if any part of it was constructed during or before the 1980s. Even if you're not planning on doing any work soon it can still be a great idea to get an asbestos removal contractor in to assess your house and let you know what's hiding behind the walls. If it turns out there's just a small bit of asbestos then you'll know that will the help of a professional, future renovations won't be too much of an issue. Likewise, if there is large scale asbestos use then you'll know that a future renovation may be an expensive undertaking and you can factor that into your expectations. Having your house checked out by an asbestos removal expert will also give you valuable knowledge of the potential danger zones in your home so in the event of a seemingly insignificant disturbance, such as an oven installation, you'll know exactly what the risks are.

Bottom Line: With the growing interest in DIY and home renovations, it is home owners and home renovators who could be putting themselves at risk of a third wave of asbestos exposure. Without the right care, the dormant and harmless asbestos fibres in your walls and under your floors can easily be awakened and this can put both you and your family's lives at risk. To avoid this, and to help eliminate asbestos related illnesses for good it is crucial that you consult the advice of an asbestos removal contractor and expert before proceeding with any work on your home, no matter how trivial it may seem. Even if you're not planning on tearing up your floorboards any time soon, consulting an asbestos removal professional can still be valuable, as it will let you know about the sensitive areas of your house and in turn help you protect your family.

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