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Water Damage And Flood Damage

When it comes to water and flood damage, two things are worth noting. First, insurance companies make a clear distinction between water damage and flood damage and do not cover the latter. So if you live in a flood-prone area, do not assume that your insurance provider will restore your home after flood damage. Second, water damage, whether it comes from plumbing or a flood, is damaging to your home. Water removal can be tricky; when not properly disposed of, mould can grow and diseases can spread. 

Calgary’s 24/7 Restoration combines state-of-the-art equipment and professional expertise to resolve all flood and water damage issues in your home or business. To prevent humidity and moisture from destroying the integrity of your home and to restore it to a pre-loss state, we maintain a 24-hour emergency, rapid service line at all times. If your home is damaged by flood or water, call 403-247-4365 immediately to schedule water removal service. 

Water Damage Is Not Flood Damage 

When it comes to insurance companies, water damage is not the same thing as flood damage. Insurance companies consider water damage as damage caused by faulty plumbing, such as toilet backup, a malfunctioning washing machine, or a septic tank leak. Flood damage, as its name suggests, strictly consists of water damage caused by extreme natural events, such as mudflow, flash floods, and deluges. A good way to differentiate between the two is to assess the scale of damage; water damage affects only your home, whereas flood damage can affect the whole neighbourhood or city. 

Differentiating water damage from flood damage is important because most insurance companies do not cover the latter. Therefore, if you live in a flood-prone area, like Calgary, seeking extra insurance coverage may be a good idea. 

But All Water Damage Is Bad For Your Home 

Whether the water originates from a defective appliance or from Mother Nature, all water damage is detrimental to your home. From the flooring, drywall, ceiling, and furniture, water erodes everything it touches. If left unaddressed, water can even threaten your home’s structural integrity. 

Water damage comes in 3 categories:

  1. Category 1 – clean water: The least dangerous of the 3 categories, the so-called clean water comes from faulty plumbing carrying potable water, such as faucets. Unless the water backs up in significant amounts, you can remove clean water without relying on a professional by drying and dehumidifying the affected areas.  
  2. Category 2 – grey water: Grey water comes from sources that can be contaminated, namely the dishwasher and the sump pump. This kind of water presents health risks and should be removed by a professional who can sanitize and decontaminate the premises. 
  3. Category 3 – black water: Black water comes from flood water, sewage, and other highly contaminated sources. Black water contains bacteria and viruses and should always be removed by a professional. Thorough sterilization and decontamination is needed before one can safely enter a home affected by black water. 

In short, water poses a dual-threat; it damages your home while also posing health risks. If your home is affected by water from categories 2 and 3, contact a home restoration service immediately. Flawed water disposal can lead to structural damage, mould, and even life-threatening illnesses. 

Hire A Professional Flood Mitigation And Cleanup Crew 

While your insurance company may distinguish between water and flood damage, any kind of water damage is a threat to your home. Water from categories 2 and 3 are especially devastating, as it comes with the added danger of carrying diseases. 

Rapid response can mitigate water and flood damage. Immediate removal, drying, dehumidifying, and in certain cases, decontamination, can salvage your home and prevent mould from setting in. Calgary’s 24/7 Restoration offers a full suite of services to help you deal with water and flood damage. Not only do we respond to your emergency any time and any day of the week, we also restore your home to its pre-loss state and extensively monitor for secondary issues, such as mould. Our number is 403-247-4365.


Q: How quickly can mould start to grow if the water is not properly removed?
A: Mould can start growing within 72 hours. 

Q: Is leaking rainwater water or flood damage? 
A: Despite it being a natural event, rainwater leaking through the roof or the walls is considered water damage. This is because it only affects your home and not the entire neighbourhood. Insurance covers damage inflicted by rainwater.   

Q: What diseases can I catch from category 3 water? 
A: Severe waterborne diseases you can catch from category 3 water include e-coli, shigellosis, typhoid fever, salmonella, and cholera. 


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