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Why Hire a Professional for Demolition Cleanups

Why Hire a Professional for Demolition Cleanups

Renovating your existing house to create the home of your dreams is an exciting undertaking. More complex than just refreshing a room with a new coat of paint, a reno requires careful planning and execution. 

Sometimes, the demolition part of the renovation process is underestimated or overlooked. Tearing down existing structures and disposing of the waste accordingly can be difficult. Demolition can wreck your home, put your safety at risk, and leave lasting damage to the environment.

Given the risks that come with demolition projects, 24/7 Restoration recommends that you hire a professional demolition cleanup crew to do the job for you. Our specially trained demolition workers can remove any structure or equipment in your home while adhering to the strictest safety regulations and without damaging your property. We can even transport your wreckage to a waste management facility and have your home cleaned up for renovations.

5 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Demolition Worker Is The Right Move 

Dismantling parts of your home to make room for new furniture or structures can seem daunting. Even if you are used to doing handiwork around your home, we still suggest you hire a professional when it comes to demolition projects. 

Here is what a professional demolition worker brings to the table: 

  • Expertise: A professional demolition worker knows there is a smart strategy behind this whole operation. For instance, half of the undertaking lies in planning and preparation. This step includes inspecting the worksite, ensuring that the planned renovations will not violate building or environmental codes, identifying danger zones like load-bearing walls, and laying out a structured removal strategy that does not damage other parts of your home. 
  • In addition to setting the groundwork for a successful demolition operation, a professional also has all the tools and equipment to execute it. Could you imagine hauling a large slab of concrete from the second floor without a crane? You can rest assured that a professional will have access to and the expertise to operate the machinery required without posing a danger to themselves, your family, and your home. 
  • Safety: Operating machinery, moving heavy objects, and working around plumbing and electrical structures can be dangerous. Professional demolition workers are trained to minimize the risk of workplace injuries and to ensure the safety of those around them. 
  • Efficiency: Professional demolition workers agree on a timeline and set proper expectations before carrying out the project. This lets them schedule their workflow in a way that respects your own timeline, allowing your home renovation to begin as soon as possible. 
  • Plans, however, rarely stay the same in practice. Perhaps an underground pipeline is obstructing yardwork, or ductwork is making the removal of a ceiling more difficult than expected. Whereas an amateur may be stuck on what to do next, an expert can quickly figure out a workaround and resume the demolition process. 
  • Cleanup: Thinking that cleaning up the remaining debris is the easy part of the demolition process would be a serious mistake. In fact, the cleanup phase is just as hazardous as the demolition itself. Nails, glass, and dust all pose a serious danger to dispose of. If your cleanup process involves removing a significant amount of wastewater, you will need a specialist in a protective suit. A professional not only knows how to safely clear the hazards away from the vicinity, but they can also adequately prepare the worksite for the renovation stage. 
  • Waste management: Proper waste disposal is part of our civic duty. Of course, throwing away demolition wastes and debris in an environmentally sustainable manner is more complicated than dumping something in the recycling bin. 

Hiring a professional ensures you do not have to deal with waste disposal at all. Indeed, a demolition cleanup service will transport all the debris and wreckage to the appropriate waste management facilities and make sure they are correctly disposed of.  

A Demolition Cleanup Crew Is Essential For Home Renovation 

The process of stripping down parts of your home to make room for future renovation or remodelling projects can be difficult and can pose certain dangers. Carrying out your own demolition work exposes you to the risk of injury and could cause costly damage to other parts of your home. 

Leave demolition work to a professional demolition cleanup crew. 24/7 Restoration has all the expertise you need to safely and quickly remove any unwanted structures in your home. We even clean up all remaining debris and waste and dispose of them sustainably so that you can start your home renovation right away! Call us at 1-403-247-436 or fill out the online contact form to get in touch with our demolition cleanup crew. 


Q: How much does demolition work cost?  
A: The cost of the demolition work depends heavily on the project size, building materials, and the presence of hazardous materials, among other factors.
Call us at 1-403-247-436 for a site inspection. 

Q: Does my home need to be inspected for asbestos prior to the demolition? 
A: If your home was built before the 1970s, it could contain traces of asbestos. 24/7 Restoration offers licensed asbestos inspection and remediation services which can be combined with our demolition services.  

Q: What is deconstruction and how is it different from demolition? 
A: Deconstruction aims to achieve the same goals as demolition but emphasizes manually salvaging as many of the materials as possible. Deconstruction projects can achieve a recycle or reuse rate of 70%. However, deconstruction takes significantly longer to complete and costs much more than demolition.

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