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Why Hiring A Professional For Your Storm, Flood, And Hail Damage Makes Sense

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Don’t despair if a storm has left your home in tatters. Broken beams, a dismantled roof, fire damage, a flooded cellar… All this can be fixed. 

What can’t be fixed is the injury you may sustain trying to make these repairs single-handedly. Work with your insurance company and call on the services of a damage cleanup and home restoration company. 

Equipped with the tools and the expertise to repair all kinds of structural damage, a professional can return your home to the way it was before. See how they can help you mitigate the effects of natural disasters such as hailstorms, floods, and blizzards. 

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Are You Prepared To Deal With Storm, Flood, And Hail Damage? 

If you’ve been living in Calgary for some time, you’ve surely become acquainted with Canada’s infamous prairie weather. Storms, floods, and hail are not exactly uncommon and can be quite damaging to infrastructure. In fact, the hailstorm that struck Calgary just last year cost insurance companies almost $1.2 billion. 

In the event of a natural disaster, you may be tempted to fix the damage inflicted on your home by yourself. This is seldom a good idea. Unless you’re a trained expert, you may overlook dangerous cracks or risk mold infection. You may also get hurt trying to repair electrical equipment. 

Calgary’s very own storm damage cleanup 24/7 Restoration is the solution. Our cleanup and restoration professionals work around the clock to make sure your home remains a safe and sturdy refuge for you. Call us anytime at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form to explore our home restoration services. 

How A Professional Can Help You With Storm, Flood, And Hail Damage

Restoring your home in the wake of a thunderstorm, flood, or hailstorm should be left to a professional. You’re unlikely to have the experience and tools necessary to do a thorough job. Missing out on structural damage and subsequently having your home fall apart is the least of your worries. Repairing can be genuinely hazardous. 

Here’s how a damage cleanup professional can help your home get back into shape after a natural disaster:

Thunderstorm: You probably won’t be hit by lightning, but your home’s satellite dishes, antennas, and appliances could be damaged by it. High winds that often come with thunderstorms can blow off parts of your roof and sidings. If you’re truly unlucky, a tree could crush your home.

A professional can quickly lay the groundwork to restore your home. Equipped with the right tools, they can fix power surges, repair your roof and sidings, and remove large objects like trees and power poles that have fallen. 

Make sure to let a professional make these repairs; you could easily get yourself electrocuted working on damaged wiring or patch your home in a way that leaves it susceptible to mold.  

Winter storm: Like thunderstorms, blizzards can cause structural damage. However, they also come with the added danger of creating ice dams—trapped water between your roof and a layer of ice. These are easy to miss, and, if left unchecked, can lead to leaks and mold. 

It is even less recommended to attempt repairs by yourself in the event of a winter storm. Slippery surfaces make the process even more dangerous. 

Flooding: Water constitutes one of the most serious risks to your domicile. Flooding can cause irreversible damage to your home, sometimes destroying it altogether. Even after the flood has receded, you could still be vulnerable to mold on the walls and floor. 

For flood cleanup duties, call on an expert. Not only can they mitigate the structural damage your residence has suffered, they can also test for mold and dry your home if needed. 

Hailstorm: Ice pellets up to 1.75 inches in size crashing down on your home are sure to leave a mark. Cracked shingles on your roof, dents and bent roof vents and pipes are all common examples of hail damage. 

Sometimes, the damage seems superficial enough to overlook. That would be a mistake. These cracks and dents can eventually become leaks, devastating your home.  

A professional experienced in hail damage cleanup can detect early signs of damage and rectify them before they worsen.  

Professional Damage Cleanup Is Worth It 

Every year, thunderstorms and hailstorms, flash floods, and high winds tear through the region. If you reside in Calgary, it’s just a matter of time before your home is damaged by a natural disaster. 

When that happens, don’t try to restore your home by yourself. At best, your repairs will miss the mark, leaving your home open to further structural damage. At worst, you could get into an accident or catch a nasty mold infection. 

Call a professional damage cleanup expert instead. At 24/7 Restoration, our experts are specifically trained to mitigate the damage to your home and to make sure that it’s safe to live in. That’s our job. Contact us anytime at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: How do I pay for damage cleanup and home restoration services?

A: Your insurance provider should cover the costs. However, you should pick your damage cleanup and home restoration company wisely. If the company you chose does not do a good job, you may have to pay out of pocket for further repairs.    

Q: Can I stay at home when restoration services are underway?

A: No. You should stay elsewhere while damage cleanup and home restoration professionals are working on your home. 

Q: How can I know if a damage cleanup and home restoration company is trustworthy?

A: Most such companies are happy to provide references. You can even ask your local town or city council about their reputation. 

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