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Why Use Professional Restoration Companies?

Why Use Professional Restoration Companies?

Sometimes accidents happen in the home that you might think can be fixed with a little DIY project instead of calling in the professionals. Maybe there was a small flood or a minor fire that was put out fairly quickly, so you think calling a restoration company is overkill. The truth is, for many types of home or business damage, trying to fix it yourself will lead to worse results in the long run and calling a restoration company to begin with can save you time, money, and effort. Here are some reasons that you should always call a professional and qualified restoration company for damage in your home or business including fires, floods, mold, storm damage, and more

Benefits Of Restoration Companies

Fully Remediate Damage
If you’re not trained to address problems that occur to your building, you might miss some important steps while trying to make repairs. For example, if water damage or mold damage is not completely remediated, mold spores will still be present and will regrow, even if you’ve replaced almost all of the affected materials. It can be difficult to know if you’ve removed all of the damaged material when you haven’t been trained to deal with restorative construction. Fire damage also can be more extensive than you realize; smoke damage occurs when there is a fire and it can be difficult to detect. Smoke damage may sound like a minor problem, but smoke is acidic and can continue to impact your home and possessions if all smoke-affected materials are not removed. Whatever situation caused damage to the building, if it is not fully remediated, the problem will continue to worsen and will require more restoration work later.

Insurance companies typically only cover work performed by professionals. Any work on your home that is completed by someone who does not work for a restoration company or is otherwise certified will not be covered by insurance if there are problems. If the job is done incorrectly to begin with, this can mean missing out on the opportunity to have the original damage repair covered, and it means that if the fix wasn’t right and there is a need for further remediation in the future, it also won’t be covered. An additional advantage to using professional restoration companies to address damage to your home or business is their experience and insight working with and through insurance companies to settle loss claims.

The teams at professional restoration companies are trained to work safely and to make your home or business a safe place again. Restoration jobs can be dangerous, as they may involve removing heavy objects, using complex construction equipment, and being near hazardous materials (such as asbestos, sewage by-products, mold spores, and more). By letting the professionals handle the remediation and restoration, you can be sure that dangerous materials and situations are being handled safely according to legal and industry standards. Reputable restoration companies will guarantee their services so you know the work is done correctly. By removing all damage in its entirety, you won’t need to worry about issues such as lingering mold spores in the air. Restorations performed by professionals allow for increased peace of mind knowing the area is safe.

Professional Services Through Restoration Companies

Whether disaster strikes or the damage is minor, it’s always best to contact restoration companies to remediate your home or business. When you call 24/7 Restoration, our team of restoration specialists complete a safe and comprehensive inspection initially to assess the damage and outline a restoration strategy, and also after work is completed to ensure everything is fully removed and repaired. We take all necessary steps to ensure your home or business is safe for everyone to return to and we deliver work that exceeds Alberta safety standards. If you need any part of your home repaired due to emergency damage, contact 24/7 Restoration at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Can I use bleach to clean up my sewage backup myself?
A: No. While bleach kills 99% of common household germs it DOES NOT remove or kill the contamination caused by black water.  While bleach may clean the stains associated with a sewer backup the contamination left behind still poses significant health risks.

Q: How quickly can mold start to grow if the water is not properly removed?
A: Mold can start growing within 72 hours of exposure to moisture.

Q: Is there a difference between restoration emergency and restoration repair?
A: Restoration emergency refers to the event that has caused the damage. This is when the damaging event is stopped and affected materials are removed and the area cleaned up. A restoration repair specifically refers to the act of returning the building to its pre-accident condition once contaminated materials are already removed

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