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Winter Storm Restoration: 4 Causes Of Damage To Your Home

Winter Storm Restoration: 4 Causes Of Damage To Your Home

Calgary typically experiences a severe winter storm every 5 years, although it is anticipated that the frequency of these storms will rise. Typically a winter storm includes strong winds, large amounts of snow, and cold weather, and depending on the severity can cause property damage, power outages, supply shortages, road closures, and more. The damage done to property during a winter storm has the potential to be severe and devastating. Winter storms can cause immediate or delayed damage, as Calgary weather tends to allow for frequent thawing and freezing that can lead to added weight from snow and expansion of ice. Here are 4 common types of winter storm damage and what you can do about them.

4 Types of Winter Storm Damage

1. The Weight Of Snow Or Ice. When winter hits, Calgary can get bouts of snow, melting, and refreezing. This causes snow and ice buildup on roofs, pushing down on them with considerable weight. If a roof is older, rotting, or otherwise in disrepair, it is at risk for damage or even collapse. If there is a strong winter storm and you hear noises coming from your attic that sound like popping, creaking, or cracking, call a restoration service to inspect it. Other signs of roof damage include sudden difficulty opening doors or windows, newly developed cracks in the walls, or a sagging ceiling.

2. Ice Dams. An ice dam is a buildup of ice in the eaves caused by thawing and refreezing. Ice dams are often caused by melting snow on the roof that runs down to the eaves and, when exposed to the cold air, freezes again. Ice dams can allow water to get underneath your shingles and into the attic. If the water from the ice dam gets into the insulation in the attic, it will escape into the attic. This will heat up the snow on the roof and cause a vicious cycle of ice dams. Since ice dams prevent water from flowing off of the roof, pools of water can form that can further damage and weigh down the roof.

3. Fallen Trees. It is most common for trees to break when they are weighed down by heavy snow that is wet rather than light and fluffy. Trees that are most likely to break are old or have damaged or dying limbs. To prevent damage from falling trees and branches, inspect trees regularly for damage and keep trees trimmed and free of broken or dying limbs.

4. Strong Winds. Trees can also break when winds are strong, particularly if the tree is small or has dying limbs. Strong winds can cause damage to your home by blowing off shingles and tearing away gutters. This can allow water to seep into your home and lead to further damage. High winds can also cause outdoor items to blow around and be lost, such as tarps or garbage bins, and can send items crashing into your house, damaging the siding or other areas. If strong winds are predicted in the forecast, try to secure outdoor items or take them inside the house or garage.

Call 24/7 Restoration For Winter Storm Damage Cleanup

While winter storms can bring unexpected damages, there is help when an emergency strikes: call a restoration company that is responsive, reputable, and highly trained. If you are impacted by a winter storm, call 24/7 Restoration at 1-403-247-4365 for quick cleanup. Our professional cleanup team is always accessible, with our emergency line open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you have a caved-in roof, missing shingles, damaged siding, or other damage caused by any storm, 24/7 Restoration can get your home back to pre-accident condition. Our highly skilled professional technicians have a diverse range of experiences and are dedicated to communicating with and understanding the homeowner and their individual needs. If you have any questions, fill out the online contact form.


Q: What are the risks if a roof collapses after a winter storm?
A: A collapsed roof can mean serious structural failure and potential damage to gas lines and wiring. If your roof collapses, do not go back into the house. Call 911 and follow their instructions.

Q: What kind of damage can a fallen tree cause?
A: This will depend on the size, weight, and location of the tree, but fallen tree damage can be devastating. Because of their height, fallen trees can easily knock down power lines, leading to sector-wide power outages. They can also fall on and damage cars and roofs, sometimes leading to roof collapses. Fallen trees can also cause road blockages, limiting transportation.

Q: Are there other types of potential winter storm damage?
A: Another common winter storm damage is flooding, as pipes may freeze and burst. Fire risk also increases, as many people bring out heaters that, if not monitored, can start fires. For winter storm damages of any type, call 24/7 Restoration.

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