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Whether your sump pump has backed up or your toilet has overflowed 24/7 Restoration is there to help. When disasters involving sewage or other Category 3 Black Water strike you need a professional cleanup team to ensure everything is cleaned up and decontaminated properly. Sewage contains bacteria, microbes and viruses that can cause serious illness and in extreme cases death. Ensure your family, neighbours and employees are safe by calling the experts at 24/7 Restoration for your sewage cleanup needs.

The professionals at 24/7 Restoration understand the risks and dangers associated with sewage spills, and are fully trained to deal with any sewage situation. We offer a comprehensive sewage cleanup service, which ensures that all potentially hazardous sewage spills are contained and quickly cleaned up quickly and thoroughly, minimizing the damage to your home or business and the environment.

For more information about sewage removal and decontamination or to request assistance call 24/7 Restoration today at 403.247.4365.

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