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Water Removal and Flood Damage Restoration

Many residents of Calgary remember how catastrophic flood damage can be. Flooding in your home or business can not only destroy the flooring and furniture, but it can severely damage the foundation as well. In addition, floodwaters often carry contaminated materials that can compromise the health of your family and neighbours.

Whether you live in a flood zone or a pipe has suddenly burst in your house, flood damage will quickly and acutely threaten the entire structure of your home. To protect and preserve the integrity of your home, it’s imperative that you hire a professionally trained flood cleanup crew to properly remove all water immediately. 

The professional flood cleanup crew at 24/7 Restoration not only has the expertise, but the necessary equipment to find and remove all moisture from a home or business affected by flooding.

If a flood impacts your Calgary home or business, call our trained flood cleanup team at 24/7 Restoration today at 403.247.4365. 

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