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Asbestos Removal - 5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Work

Overview: Asbestos removal is one of our main specialties, and a hazardous material like asbestos doesn't just affect individuals at home, it can affect construction and labour workers too. In this blog we'll cover five steps you can take at work to ensure that you stay as safe as possible.


If you work in the construction or labour industry then it's not just at home that you have to worry about asbestos removal, it's at the workplace too. Here are five questions to consider to make sure you reduce your chances of asbestos exposure as much as you can.

  1. Does Your Site Contain Asbestos?

    If the building you're working on was constructed or heavily refurbished before 2000 then it's essential that you or someone in charge of your operation sources the the building's documentation to find out whether any asbestos is present. This is an essential first step to if you want to ensure that you and your team is safe.

  2. Found A Suspicious Material? Is It Asbestos?

    Asbestos can be tricky to definitively identify as it comes in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes. Some common colours include white, brown and blue, and some common places it can be found is on pipes as insulation, in floor tiles, and as wall insulation.

    If you find a material you suspect may contain asbestos on your site, it's crucial that you contact a hazardous material specialist immediately.

  3. How Dangerous Is The Asbestos?

    Different types of asbestos require different level of precaution. Depending on what type of asbestos is found on your site, you may or may not be qualified to work on it. For example, for asbestos cement and textures that contain asbestos, the amount of hazardous fibre release is minimal and you may be cleared to work on it. However, if the asbestos on your site is likely to cause a large amount of dust and fibre release then you will need to bring in a specialist. If you're not sure how dangerous the asbestos on your site is then you should consult a professional, such as 24/7 Restoration.

  4. Are You Qualified?

    If you're expected to work in any situation that involves disturbing asbestos you are required to have prior training. This training isn't just to satisfy over cautious safety rules – it's there to save your life. Under no circumstances should you proceed to work on asbestos if you have not received the correct training.

  5. Are You Equipped?

    Even if you have the necessary training, you must still be properly equipped to deal with asbestos. Items such as a Class H vacuum, an FFP3 protective mask and the correct disposable PPE should be mandatory before starting a job, no matter how qualified you are.


Bottom Line: Asbestos removal, or any work on asbestos in general, can be extremely dangerous if not done correctly. If you work in the construction or trade industry then you should be prepared to deal with asbestos, whether that means calling a professional like 24/7 Restoration, or just making sure you're wearing the appropriate equipment. In this blog we've covered just a few questions you should ask yourself before you start work at a new building, and if you're ever not sure about the risks you're facing then it's essential that you contact a Calgary asbestos removal expert like 24/7 Restoration.

For more information on asbestos removal, or hazardous material removal in general, contact 24/7 Restoration today at (403) 247-4365.

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