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Calgary Water Damage Restoration: Preventing Water Leaks

Overview: Water. The giver of life and at times, the destroyer of homes. Leaking water can cause major damage to a house and it can be a precursor to mold growth. 40% of all home-related insurance claims are a result of water damage. Read the following blog for tips on how to prevent water damage from occurring in your home.

Taking a dip in a flooded basement is not quite like diving into a swimming pool. However, burst pipes and water tanks can still give you an unwanted pool. It’s highly advisable to inspect all your plumbing every six months to a year, checking for any cracks and or leaks. Pipes can notoriously burst during the winter from water freezing in the lines. To prevent this common problem from happening, insulate the pipes in your home and cover exposed pipes with a towel. When heading on vacation during the cold months, leave the heater on to ensure that the water in the pipes doesn’t freeze.

You should know where all the shutoff valves are! If you’ve experienced a sewer backup, you would sooner move to another house than clean that mess again. To avoid this king of all messes, install a backflow valve and make sure it’s easily accessible. If your hot water tanks breaks while one of your family members is having their world famous 1 hour showers, you’ll want to know where the water-shut off valve is. There’s no time to hunt for the shut off valve like it’s the Red October submarine - you need to stop that water as quickly as you can.

These aren’t your mom’s appliances; they can pretty much do everything now. Your fridge can double as a stainless steel bartender that pours cold water but make sure all water lines are unobstructed and free from cracks. Leaking water from behind the fridge can go unnoticed for a long duration and can eventually lead to mold growth. In addition, make sure that all water related connections like the one on your washing machine are fitted tightly.

Take time once a year to inspect the exterior of your home. Areas like your roof, gutters and foundations that wear down or have pools of accumulated water can lead to potential leaks. If you notice that some shingles need replacing make sure you act on it, as this minor cost will save money compared to the cost of water leaking into the home. In the case of rain or melting snow accumulating in pools around your house, you need to pump the water away from the foundation. Don’t have downspouts run water off right beside your home. Use extensions so rainwater can deposit far away from your home at a safe distance.

Use spring-cleaning as an opportunity to inspect the cabinetry under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. The space beneath sinks can be a high moisture area from leaking water. If there are any leaks that you have recently fixed, make sure to clean and dry the area completely to prevent the start of mold growth.

The Bottom Line: Water damage is a major fiasco that you and your home can do without! Take simple preventative measures to ensure that you don’t have to endure the mess that leaking water causes. Water has an uncanny ability to pool in areas that are hidden from sight and can go unnoticed until problems like mold develop. If you have mold growth of over one square meter it’s best to call the contractors at DAIM to safely remove and clean the area before it gets out of control.

For more information on mold removal and water damage restoration in Calgary or if you believe mold is on the verge of taking over your home, contact 24/7 Restoration today at (403) 247-4365.

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