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Imported Asbestos

The dangerous effects of asbestos fibers on human health are well documented; the World Health Organization has stated that every form of asbestos is carcinogenic and that the hazardous material should not be used. With that said, imports of asbestos containing materials are not decreasing anytime soon. Read the blog below for more information on the dangers of asbestos in workplaces across Canada.

Importing of products that contain asbestos rose from $4.9 million to $6 million in 2013, according to Statistics Canada. A majority of the imported products containing the hazardous material consisted of brake pads and linings, which reached a 7 year high at $3.6 million. Don’t let the seemingly low dollar figure fool you, it equates to hundreds of thousands of brake pads imported into Canada. Furthermore, that means thousands of hard working employees will be working with the brake pads, increasing their chances of exposure to asbestos.

Several countries have banned the import and export of asbestos, which include: Australia, Japan, Sweden and Britain. However, Canada continues to import the dangerous material, which is the number one on-the-job killer. Exposure to asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma and lung cancer. When it comes to the brake pads, the main concern is for mechanics that use equipment such as air hoses, which can make the asbestos fibers airborne and then breathed in.

Asbestos is not exclusive to brake pads, the majority of homes built before the mid 1980’s also contain the hazardous material. Here at 24/7 Restoration, we believe that asbestos abatement begins and ends with safety. We train all our contractors with the highest standards to ensure they know how to properly remove and dispose of materials containing asbestos. Employees on jobsites that have asbestos are often trained and equipped to do so; however, the same can’t be said for homeowners that are renovating their properties. Breaking materials that have asbestos in them can free the fine fibers into the air and they easily attach to clothing, which can lead to family members breathing it in.

For more information on asbestos abatement, contact 24/7 Retoration in Calgary today at (403) 247-4365.

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