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Make Sure You Ask Your Demolition Company These Important Questions

Make Sure You Ask Your Demolition Company These Important Questions

Do you need to have an old building taken down for safety? Or maybe you want to build from scratch and need to clear what’s on your property? Perhaps you are doing a project within your home that only needs demolition in one room? Whether your project is big or small, working with a skilled, experienced, and reputable demolition company is vital for safety, cost, and legal purposes. If this is your first time using demolition services in Calgary or if you’re looking at switching demolition companies, here are some questions to ask that will help you find a good demolition company.


5 Questions To Ask Before Demolition

  1. Can I See Your License And Insurance?
    This might sound like you’re pulling someone over, but these are two very important things to know. Most demolition companies are legitimate, but there are also some people who have demolition experience but aren’t legitimate demolitionists. If you have been told of a friend of a friend who knows how to do demolition, make sure you check that they are actually licensed so that no one gets hurt or there isn’t a botched job. It’s incredibly important to make sure whatever company you hire for demolition is both licensed and insured to guarantee a high level of safety. Making sure the demolition company has both a license and an insurance policy also helps to protect you, the client. If anything goes wrong and there are damages to your property, other properties, workers, or anyone else, you will not be liable. If something happens to go wrong and the demolition company isn’t ensured, you may have to pay fees or suffer other legal consequences.
  2. What Is The Demolition Timeline And Cost?
    A good demolition company should be able to give you a breakdown of the time and cost of the project. To get an accurate quote, they will need to see the property in person. You may also want to ask for a written quote, although they may automatically provide one for you. A written estimate will give you the ability to ask any questions about the project and to get clarification on anything vague or confusing. You may also want to ask for a cost breakdown.
  3. Who Handles The Permits?
    Calgary demolitions need permits submitted to the city. These legal forms can be very complicated for someone who isn’t in the demolition industry and the company you hire should be the ones to fill out and submit these forms. This is a good question to ask to make sure that the company is properly filling out any forms, as you don’t want to suffer any legal ramifications of either not having forms submitted or attempting to fill them out yourself.
  4. How Do You Dispose Of Toxic Materials?
    Whether you are demolishing a home, a commercial space, or any other type of building, there can be toxic materials you don’t know about. Asbestos and mold are two dangerous substances that are often found in older buildings and they need to be dealt with carefully. Make sure the demolition company you choose has a plan for asbestos abatement and mold remediation or that they partner with a demolition cleanup crew that does. Otherwise, you can be left with dangerous materials in the air and area and there can be other environmental consequences.
  5. Are Cleanup Services Included?
    While you might assume that the team demolishing a building would also clean up the aftermath, this is not always the case. A demolition cleanup crew needs different equipment, such as large vehicles to haul away rubble. They will also need the knowledge of where to dispose of or recycle different building elements. If your demolition company doesn’t clean up the mess after your building comes down, other companies can perform this service, so you don’t need to find another demolition company. It’s best to ask this question so you can know in advance if you need to hire a separate demolition cleanup company.

Calgary Demolition Cleanup Services

If you are getting ready for a demolition project, make sure you have a plan for all of the debris to be properly cleaned up after. Using a demolition cleanup service will ensure everything is safely handled, responsibly disposed of, and completely cleaned up. At 24/7 Restoration, our Calgary demolition cleanup service is perfect for any demolition project, big or small. 24/7 Restoration will assess all your demolition needs, including old plumbing, flooring, concrete, and electrical, and we can remove it all safely and quickly. To get demolition cleanup in Calgary, contact 24/7 Restoration at 1-403-247-4365 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Will 24/7 Restoration do an asbestos check before demolition commences?
A: Yes, 24/7 Restoration in Calgary is qualified to check for and remove asbestos from the home. Doing this before demolition is highly recommended, as disturbing asbestos will release dangerous asbestos particles into the air. Read Different Types Of Asbestos Management: Alberta Requirements to learn more about the safe handling of asbestos.

Q: How can I save items when I have a cleanup crew throwing things out?
A: If you wish to save any items from the demolition, tell the 24/7 Restoration cleanup crew and we will not take them to the dump. Our team’s main focus is working with you to make your demolition or renovation as stress-free and simple as possible, so discuss your cleanup needs with us and we will be happy to make accommodations.

Q: Can I do some demolitions myself?
A: Smaller, less dangerous demolition projects such as deck demolition can be done without a professional demolition crew, but anything that is large or involves potentially dangerous components (such as electrical wiring, pipes, or asbestos) should be left up to the professionals.

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