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Garage Demolition And Cleanup: What You Need To Know

Garage Demolition And Cleanup: What You Need To Know

Whether it’s to give your home a facelift, to make room for a new vehicle, or to build a space with better weatherproofing, a garage demolition is a big project to take on. If you want to demolish your garage, you can either enlist the help of a professional demolition team or you can do parts of it by yourself. Even if you take the DIY approach, you may still need to use some professional services, such as electricians and cleanup crews. Your garage demolition is going to generate a lot of debris, especially if you are tearing up the concrete flooring, and a cleanup crew can take this away so you have a clean and safe area to begin reconstruction.

What To Know Before Garage Demolition And Cleanup

Before you can start a garage demolition, you need to check with your municipal government about the city permit rules. Permits are often required during demolitions to ensure that safety standards are followed and that there will be no destruction of public or municipal property (such as sidewalks). Some demolition companies will cover permits, but ensure that you verify this if you are working through a demolition company.

Safety Precautions
Before you can start your garage demolition, you need to be sure all safety procedures have been followed. This includes disconnecting any electrical services that run from the main house. If you need any electrical work completed, you should hire a professional to ensure that work is completed safely and to code. Any gas lines or water lines that are connected to the garage also need to be shut off and disconnected. Another major safety factor is PPE (personal protective equipment). If you are doing a DIY garage demolition, ensure anyone involved is wearing items such as hard hats, work gloves, safety glasses, coveralls, and masks or respirators. If you are hiring demolition workers, safety equipment and procedures should be in place already. If you are hiring a demolition company, make sure to ask them some important questions before signing the contract.

Not all demolition companies also dispose of the materials they tear down. Some companies require you to rent a dumpster, and this dumpster rental may not include haul away. A professional demolition cleanup crew will ensure all materials and debris are completely cleared from the project site. These companies will save you time spent making multiple trips to the landfill yourself and their demolition cleanup package should include dumpster rental fees. Professional cleanup means you don’t have to worry about the physical strain associated with moving heavy pieces of concrete and other building debris. A demolition cleanup company will know if certain materials are recyclable and which are not so that you don’t have to do the research and sort everything out. Consider the benefits of hiring a professional demolition cleanup company before you start your garage demolition.


Garage Demolition Cleanup In Calgary

When you’re ready to demolish your garage, 24/7 Restoration is ready to help you get rid of all the debris that comes with this home renovation project. Our demolition cleanup crew makes sure that your home is clear of the large amounts of rubble generated by demolition projects. The 24/7 Restoration cleanup team can safely dispose of materials and haul them away so you don’t have to worry about making multiple trips to the landfill. When you’re ready to start your garage demolition project, call 24/7 Restoration for demolition cleanup at 1-403-247-4365 or reach out online by filling out the contact form.



Q: How much does demolition work cost? 
A: The cost of the demolition work depends heavily on the project size, building materials, and the presence of hazardous materials, among other factors. Call us at 1-403-247-436 for a site inspection. 

Q: Does my home need to be inspected for asbestos prior to the demolition?
A: If your home was built before the 1970s, it could contain traces of asbestos. 24/7 Restoration offers licensed asbestos inspection and remediation services which can be combined with our demolition services. 

Q: How can I save items when I have a cleanup crew throwing things out?
A: If you wish to save any items from the demolition, tell the 24/7 Restoration cleanup crew and we will not take them to the landfill. Our team’s main focus is working with you to make your demolition or renovation as stress-free and simple as possible, so discuss your cleanup needs with us and we will be happy to make accommodations.

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