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Make Sure You Ask Your Demolition Company These Questions
  • Aug 09, 2022
  • 24/7 Restorations

Make Sure You Ask Your Demolition Company These Important Questions

  5 Questions To Ask Before Demolition Can I See Your License And Insurance? This might sound like you’re pulling someone over, but these are two very important things to know. Most demolition companies are legitimate, but there are. . .

Deck Demolition 101 A Step By Step Guide
  • Jun 07, 2022
  • 24/7 Restorations

Deck Demolition 101: A Step By Step Guide

8 Steps For Deck Demolition 1. Prepare Your Deck For Demolition Before you can tear down your deck, make sure it’s cleared of all objects. Remove any patio furniture and place it far away, as you don’t want dirt or debris on it and you. . .

24/7 Restoration - Blog - Consider Saving These Materials
  • Mar 31, 2022
  • 24/7 Restorations

Renovation Demolition: Consider Saving These Materials

Which Items To Save Windows Depending on the age and energy efficiency of your windows, they can be very beneficial to keep. Older windows that don’t keep out the Calgary winters may not be worth keeping, but double or triple-pane windows are. . .

24_7 Restoration - Blog - Why Hire a Professional for Demolition Cleanups
  • Sep 22, 2021
  • 24/7 Restorations

Why Hire a Professional for Demolition Cleanups

Given the risks that come with demolition projects, 24/7 Restoration recommends that you hire a professional demolition cleanup crew to do the job for you. Our specially trained demolition workers can remove any structure or equipment in your home. . .

6 Steps to Demolition Cleanup Like a Pro
  • Jun 09, 2021
  • 24/7 Restorations

6 Steps for an Effortless Demolition Cleanup

Whether you are the ultimate DIY-er, or you have had the unfortunate experience of a flood or fire in your home, the cleanup is always bigger and longer than anticipated. The home renovation television shows never portray the entire story: the. . .

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